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    Try jQuery

    Learn the basic building blocks of jQuery

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    Try jQuery is a combination of videos, interactive console challenges, and writing code in the browser. You'll need about 3 hours of time to make it through everything.

    Try jQuery currently uses jQuery 2.0.

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    If you're new to JavaScript, we recommend going through JavaScript Road Trip Part 1 first. It's a great introduction to the JavaScript language with videos and in browser challenges also provided for free by Code School.

    Table of Contents

    1. 1. jQuery Basics A gentle introduction to what jQuery is, and what it can do.
    2. 2. Selectors: Search & walk through the DOM with selectors and traversing.
    3. 3. Manipulating the DOM: Add & remove from the DOM, more traversing, and user events.
    4. 4. Events: Listen for events, handle them, and change the default event behavior of web browsers.
    5. 5. Styling: Before landing, tame CSS with jQuery and animate elements on the page.